Thursday, January 24, 2013

Developmental Assessment Program (DAP)

My Facebook status this morning ....

 How was the boys assessment? Slack on the blog update aren't I?

The DAP is a Developmental Assessment Program that has been running 5-6 years thru the research dept of the RBWH NICU in BrisVegasTown. It is for micro-prems only, so those born under 28 weeks gestation and less than 1kg in birthweight. They 'assess' the children at age 2 and 4 for purposes of research, data collection and referring the kids to specific areas of follow up if 'required'.

Our boys are the only babies to return at age 2 who have never had formula and are still breastfeeding. Their speech is the most advanced the psych has seen in there, and they are very socially mature compared to their peers. The written reports are going to look great!

 Unfortunately, the statistical part of their assessment may see them looking 'under estimated' as Mumma didn't consent to all the activities :p Moss anarchist approach to life was in fine form .. and when Kutura was tired he boobed to sleep in the psych office happily without meltdown (apparently 2yos are meant to melt down before sleep).

 It was a hard day but glad we went as I wanted them to see my boys are rockin! Despite saying no to most of the follow up recommended (and pursuing our own alternatives) my boys are healthy, happy and have none of the key problems common to prems.

 I gave the systems staff plenty of feedback too ;-)

 Bluqi was pretty happy to check out the wonder factory again!

 *key problems to micro prems include; poor weight gain, oral aversion/'fussy eating', sleep troubles, socially withdrawn, poor/no speech, bronchial/chest problems or prone to cold/flu. The fact that neither of my boys has had antibiotics or a trip back to hospital is 'very rare'. But it makes perfect sense to me *Gloats*

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