Friday, June 29, 2012

Wow! Moss and Kutura and TWO..!!

Time for update, huh?
I am loving my family of 5 .. the cosleeping with two queen mattresses on the floor is a world away from K in room 4 and M in room 3! It was Matt and Blu on one mattress and da boyz and I on the other .. but things are starting to switch around now they take just one breastfeed overnight each (sometime two). Blu loves snuggling into 'her babies' and K will settle by rolling next to her after a feed ..

So I sit here at 4am .. contemplating my family .. thinking about my birth experience 2 years ago .. it was not a 'Happy Birth Day' .. it was not a Happy BirthING Day .. in fact it is the anniversary of my birthrape .. my rape. Memories stir and emotions rise .. We are all here, so we best be thankful and get on with it, right? Sure, I will focus on making cake and blowing up balloons .. But in my heart I am remembering the RN who tugged on my cord .. I wrap presents .. and recall my little Moss travelling 1.5m in mid-air before his head collided with the knObs's arm .. I sing 'happy birthday' to myself and burst in tears as I remember Kutura's punch to the face he received when only his head was out of my body .. I push it all aside, on the day when it all comes up the most ..

'Medically' my boys are great! We still have Dr D on board for a few months (until they are 2 adjusted), we have found the perfect 'GP' for us all and in recent months have met an amazing guru woman, Angela. She is osteo, cranial-sacral, acupuncturist, neurologist, chi gong master, wise elder, laughing woman!..

Moss was the first to have a session with her, just a few months ago. Due to the ongoing incompetence of Nambour Hospital we have not been going to physio. It was suggested that Moss require muscle and core strength development and that there may be some physio exercises that would help Moss. Angela validated my and Matt's instinct to avoid physio when we understood that exercise won't help muscles that aren't receiving messages from the brain. She told us Moss' little head was full of trauma and blockages, preventing fluid and energy flowing freely up and down his spine. She said it was like a low-pressure flow.  Moss was lacking strength in his hips and torso, very evident when walking-along-holding-hands. After his first treatment he could stand upright while walking-along-holding-hands.

Where Moss was previously struggling to drink and swallow (he took fluids in a syringe and breastfeeds) he can now drink thru a straw and with a cup, also after the first session!  Two more sessions later .. Moss can now walk :) He took his first steps on his own a week ago and his record is now 8 steps! My little boy I was told by some may never walk is walking!! Bathtime is one of his favorite things .. but natural water and sand like the beach sees this lil man in his element. He speaks in bubba jibberish a lot .. very chatty with lots of deep eye contact and expression .. he is a great kisser! He can say clearly 'aw shit' and 'look-a-dat!' and point out lots of things he sees around him, which he says by name (light, star, moon, car, shoe, Mumma ..)

Kutura is a little powerhouse too. He is a sponge for learning and recognises much of his letters, numbers, shapes and colours; his favourites being K, 2, star and red. He has a broad vocabulary and has just started on two syllable words. He clears the kids table often and loves taking the rubbish out with Dadda.
Kutura has always been kinda sitting in his fight/flight response - the main reason I have avoided further intervention of any kind. We are yet to scan his heart to see if the PDA has closed (and see what Dr Ds murmur sound is?) ..
After watching other family members see Angela he was keen for a go. He has relaxed and come into himself since that session .. he now hugs and kisses, high fives and waves .. things he avoided before as he always had his defences up. My K man is such a relaxed little dude!

The three kid thing has been a challenge .. not enough grown ups to go around mixes things up a bit! But the five of us have much rhythm to our lives now.

Teeth (and lack of enamel) is a big thing here! But I plan to do another blog post about the nutricional changes in our kitchen and bellies!!


Well, I didn't get my blogpost up yesterday as planned. It sat here and thought about 'this time two years ago' .. and the thing that hit me most of all .. is how 'in the moment' birth and emergency and the NICU experience is .. right here right now is where my energy was wit my beautiful children.

Off to be here and now with them now.
Thanks for reading my boys birthday blah
Pics for you later ... xX
Suzi :)