Monday, May 2, 2011

A few pics from March ~ boys 8/9 months young

    Moss n Bluqi

                                    Home :)

Big Sista Blu with Kutura

Such tiny big boys! With great nappies ;-)


Moss ~ the boy with chocolate eyes

                                               Dadda with K

Standing K with Blu

Sunday, May 1, 2011

when both babes are asleep it's time to get thing done.
But why would I move? <3

10 month update!

Well, this update has been a long time coming!!

Life is busy at home with the tiny boys .. and our wonderful big girl to help. Can't believe she is 5 and the boys now 10 months!!

Did go to Brisbane to get the eyes looked at, considering Moss has a cyst in the vision part of his brain we thought we'd make sure all is well there - and it is :) I actually think Moss has the best eyes out of the 5 of us! Kutura hasn't been to another liver clinic, since (thanks to Nambour Hospital) we still don't have the compiled results of the last one we won't be putting him thru that again!

Havn't had anything to do with Nambour Hospital since the last saga, yet they keep sending us letters saying we have missed appointments and are therefore norty. Tho we never receive letters saying we have appointments. Weird. Perhaps just their way of getting us off their files as if it is out fault rather than theres. Will be writing to local MP when I get a spare (lol) moment. Such shocking and unprofessional people skills from that place!

After eye clinic we went up to the NICU. Wow .. the way that place smells like a hospital is full on .. I really was climatised to that place. Brought back so much emotion, especially seeing a friend who was still in there :( .. could have been us.
Dr D was in her office, after hours, a great time to chat. She offered us a place in her clinic when I said I was just going to piece it all together myself if I can't find a decent paed to help me. I was soooo happy to hear that .. funny this is, I haven't gone back to see her lol .. Wanting to tho.

Moss had 4 ear infections back-to-back .. so no way was I taking him to a place of germ infestation (aka a hospital) .. so we never got to the respiratory team; we weaned him off home oxygen ourselves. We were over-cautious if anything; so he was probably on it longer than necessary. We bought an oxymeter and had a nurse friend check him out a bit for us. He is just rocking! Such a handsome lil man now we can absorb the beauty of his full face. The 9 month day was the day it was finally off for good - so been a month now.

Milestones ..
Moss has such intricate hands and fingers .. can get noises while clapping now, very dexterous passing toys and things from one hand to the other, notices everything that goes on around him. Loves to sing, especially in the bath and is overall a very vocal and HAPPY little baby! Loving that his hydrochephalus is self-resolving; his body is growing into his head and he can now hold it up on his own, and have a look around when in 'tummy time'. That milestone was a longtime coming and he (and we!) are loving it! :)
Moss is our routine keeper, he calls the next meal, his sleeps tell us when to travel, he is usually the first in the bath and in bed .. then the rest of us follow in order. He loves the car and is a fantastic lil travellor!

Kutura is strength manifested! He has been walking (holding our hands to balance) for over 3 months now, so that's the equivalent of 4months adjusted age! lol .. not much into being a baby, not wanting to crawl as he finds it frustrating he cannot run as fast as his big sister .. hahaaa. He is very social and is all smiles!! He likes to get around with his tongue hanging out to taste the world .. more and more he is my lil gecko boy! He takes some energy to wear out .. and I have a feeling he is going to get more energetic - he will get this family up and moving again..! If only he would sit still long enough to get in the car ;-)

That'll do for now .. as Miss B is here, eating an egg, despite it being nearly midnight and I have sat up to be able to write this .. a mother of 3 never has time to herself I guess ..

Family and friends
Would love you all to follow this blog as you followed my thread at JB when we were in hospital.

Will get the pics cranking sometime sooooooooooon
Love and light xX